Bible Reading:
Matthew 3:13-17

Key Verse:
John 1:1
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Weaving Faith into Families

During his life on earth, Jesus revealed God to everyone he met. After Jesus ascended into heaven, his disciples followed his example and led others to believe in God and in Jesus’ sacrifice. We should be thankful every day for the Son of God — who introduced us to God and revealed the beauty of a life lived for him — and we should follow his example to lead others to the same belief.

Ask God right now! What can you do today to reveal Jesus to your kids and them believe more deeply.

Insight For Parents:

Come up with an analogy to describe how truly incredible it is that Jesus, God’s Son, wants to have a relationship with each of your kids. End your time by blessing your kids. You could say something like “You are God’ child and my child. God and I love you and are pleased with you”

Faith Talk Starter:
Ask your kids to tell you in their own words who Jesus is. If your kids have trouble coming up with an answer, encourage them to share what they know about Jesus. For example, kids might say “Jesus loves me” or “Jesus died on the cross and rose again” or “Jesus performed miracles.” Then explain to your children that Jesus is God, who came to earth in human form. Share with your kids how God sent his only Son to earth to die for our sins so that we can have relationship with him.

Prayer Starter:
Pray that through this week — and beyond — you’ll be able to identify with your kids’ struggles, forgive their disobedience, and bless them as beloved children. Pray that your kids will be able to extend that empathy, forgiveness, and love to everyone they know, too.


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